Animated Explainer Videos: Best Way to Boost your Business in No Time

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It is a fact that Video Marketing is one of the main reasons behind website visitors turning into actual customers, especially Animated Explainer Videos. As a matter of fact, an animated explainer video is not just spreading your brand’s message, but also helps in bringing more business to your company. However, it is important for a brand to look into various aspects of video marketing and keep a tab on the process of its execution, to ensure the campaign’s success.

Process of turning visitors into customers

Think like a Customer

It is a fact that if you will present your brand’s explainer video as a sales deck in the market, it might not work well. Instead, the video should work as an introduction to your brand. It is important that the video contains a vital message for your organization which can engage the viewer easily. Also, by the time video gets over, the visitor should be able to understand your services and benefits offered by your product. In short, if your Animated Explainer Video can compel a person to take the first step towards purchase, 90% of your work is done.

Try Video Analytics Tool to Ensure Conversion

Video Analytics tools are significant when it comes to knowing more about the visitors who are navigating through the website. The tool helps you detect how long a visitor will stay on your website to watch videos and which particular section of videos they prefer. Once you successfully collect this data, and list down the visitor’s interest, you can work easily towards converting him into the customer. On the other hand, you must also work upon integration of data into your CRM. This will enable you to transform bulk data in to individual lead record.

Keep the Message Simple in your Video

A Video marketer should remember that it is not important to share bulk information with the client in your video. Also, videos that are shorter in duration, grab more attention than elaborated ones. As per the trends, the best conversion time is between 40 seconds to 80 seconds of the video. At this time, customer gets fully engaged with your product and his mind inches a step closer towards purchasing the particular product.

Thus, an animated explainer video demands precise details and clear message at any given point if time.

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