e-Learning Solutions For Employee Onboarding

Benefits of e-Learning Solutions For Employee Onboarding

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Corporate explainer videos are gaining traction as enterprises are looking for innovative ways to accelerate their employee training programs and human resource operations. Creating engaging corporate videos significantly improve a company’s inbound/outbound communications and streamline human resource management to enhance the overall productivity. Video-based e-learning solutions enable enterprises to reduce their training expenses, improve recruitment processes, and conduct effective knowledge sessions to drive employee growth.   

That being said, corporate explainer videos play a critical role in conducting seamless onboarding processes to reduce HR efforts and strengthen employee growth. Employee onboarding processes are relatively complex,  time-consuming and generally require a lot of paperwork. Integrating custom e-learning solutions into employee onboarding and orientation processes streamline HR operations, reduces costs, and saves time. 

This blog post highlights the key benefits of implementing video-based e-learning content development solutions in employee onboarding and orientation.   

Integrating Explainer Videos Into Employee Onboarding

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Videos

Below are the key benefits of using custom elearning solutions that include corporate explainer videos to improve employee onboarding and orientation processes. 

Training Efficiency and Consistency

Employee onboarding and orientation processes generally involve several corporate presentations to get the new hires familiar with the work culture. However, the presentations might be long, uninteresting and the new employees may get rushed or distracted during the onboarding conversations. As a result, they may miss out on some important details about the company. Besides, the HR representative may get weary of the constant repetition of onboarding conversations.  

Custom explainer videos enable businesses to reduce their human resource effort and improve their employee onboarding processes with minimal complexities. Explainer videos are more effective than powerpoint presentations as they ensure that the same message is conveyed everytime without much human effort. Videos can be translated into several languages which eliminates the requirement of hiring additional staff with multilingual capabilities. Above all, videos are more engaging and keep the new hires hooked to the screen with less scope of distraction. 

Engaging Content

Videos are the most effective way to boost audience engagement as they instantly grab the viewers’ attention. According to Forbes, over 87 percent of the online marketers use videos to attract the target audience. Similarly, when used in employee onboarding, videos can meaningfully engage new hires with minimal distraction. In addition, videos are more effective at increasing employees’ enthusiasm and inspiring them to work diligently towards accomplishing their assigned tasks. 

Explainer videos provide a creative way to foster knowledge sharing as they combine a variety of engaging elements to maximize user interactions. For example, enterprises can create documentary-style videos to effectively represent their business model and describe their vision and mission. Such videos are also effective at introducing new hires to their other employees and colleagues.     

Greater Flexibility

Custom e-Learning content development provides a variety of options to create impactful explainer videos for effective knowledge transfer. The corporate explainer videos can be of many different types, depending on the requirements. For example, animated explainer video production services are best suited for explaining complex workflow in an engaging and simplified manner. Similarly, company profile videos are more beneficial for corporate events to accurately represent the company’s goals, vision, mission, and value proposition. Creating such videos is a great way to attract potential clients, investors, and stakeholders. When it comes to employee onboarding, companies generally use documentary-style videos. These videos enable various organizations to accurately document their work culture and provide new hires with the essential information about the company.


There is no denying that custom e-Learning development solutions can significantly improve and simplify the employee onboarding and orientation processes. These were only a few benefits that enterprises and organizations get from implementing e-Learning solutions in their employee onboarding processes. Creating employee onboarding videos effectively communicate the core values of a business in an interactive and engaging manner. According to UB, implementing video-based e-Learning content development solutions enable enterprises to augment their employee retention rate by up to 58 percent. Similarly, it enables them to accelerate their employee training programs and significantly reduce HR complexities.