About Us

VideosNinja solutions: your perfect solution to revolutionize e-learning by keeping it lively, contemporary and impactful! Ranging from subject matter experts and editorial wizards to technology support personnel, our e-content development team focuses on elevating the value of your e-content products to a brand-new level.

At VideosNinja, we sketch the most fitting e-learning course right from scratch while keeping your company’s guidelines in mind. Our solutions cover a wide spectrum of custom content development, micro learning, game-based learning and gamification, translation and localization.


Innovative e-learning content, driven by purpose - Products. VideosNinja offers complete learning technology solutions under one roof!

E- Learning solutions

Web-based training refers to the training delivered through the internet. With the evolution of internet, the dynamics of how we learn is also changing at a rapid pace

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We make 2D and 3D animations that are attractive, entertaining and informative. We make animated videos for the causes like advertisements, tutorials, publicising, etc

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K-12 collectively refers to the educational content from kindergarten to grade 12. It is a very wide term comprising of any possible books or exams or simply anything under the sky that are dealt with in these.

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Of course everybody likes games! So why not put that in learning? That is exactly what we do in Game Based Learning. It takes its inspiration from the various addictive games that we used to play

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Soft skills development

The way your employees deal with a critical situation, the way they behave with your company’s clients and colleagues

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