Custom eLearning for Onboarding

Onboarding of new employees is a common task in an industry where the rate of attrition of employees is very high. It results in more expenses on traditional training activities such as job training, classroom training etc. It also results in wastage of time and efforts. Custom eLearning for Onboarding helps to integrate traditional training methods with a modern training approach and saves time and cost.

Custom eLearning

Some of the Demerits of Traditional Training are

Costs Of Repeated Training
Traditional training includes lots of expenses on trainers, time and efforts hence it costs a lot when it comes to onboarding. Hence this method is an inefficient method to follow in an industry with a high attrition rate.
Post-Training Assessment
Traditional training assessment rely on handwritten answers, multiple choice questions and many verbal answers. All these things are outdated and also do not provide an area for improvement.
Accuracy Of Information
There might be variations in training when it is being provided to employees every time. This results in non-standardized information that is provided by information.

How VideosNinja can help you in eLearning?

Interactive and engaging courses
VideosNinja helps the organization to create interactive onboarding activities which can be easily provided repeatedly to train batches of new employees.
Post-training assessments
Cost training assessments of VideosNinja focuses on improving areas and skill gaps if any. This ensures an all-around onboarding program.
Blend of eLearning and traditional training
VideosNinja combines traditional methods with custom eLearning for onboarding activities which present a perfect combination of needed training.
Cost efficient
eLearning courses can be used again and again hence these courses are cost-efficient. You can get in touch with us for the best employee onboarding training.
Simulations of onboarding initiatives
VideosNinja provides animation and simulation in their onboarding courses and hence provide a good experience to learners.

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"VideosNinja was very adaptive to all the change requests and delivered good quality videos for E-learning."
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