E Learning Hospitality

E-Learning Hospitality Industry

Employees in the hospitality sector always try to provide the best service to their customers. This requires improved quality of service and maintains standards by providing training to the employees. This has become quite possible with the help of e-learning hospitality. Also, there are technological advancements and their applications have taken place in various industries. This has resulted in greater demands of basic, transferable and competitive skills in IT. This problem can be sorted out by providing e-learning for the IT Industry.

E Learning Hospitality

Some of the Demerits of Traditional Training are

Challenges faced during training

  • There is a great need to train the employees in basic IT and hospitality sector
  • There is a lot of requirement of training in the IT sector due to the high rate of attrition.
  • Sometimes the learning the capacity of staff differs a lot. Some learn at a slow pace while some learn at a very high pace.
  • It requires good leadership at the managerial level to finish a team project.
  • Employees require continuous training in the hospitality sector as it is one of the most competitive sectors
  • During the training sessions, the employees need to learn some soft skills
  • It becomes difficult to make training interesting for exhausted employees
  • Training must be provided on the basis of daily operations. It sometimes becomes difficult to arrange staff for training sessions.

Solutions provided by VideosNinja’s E-learning

  • Training must be provided to the employees in accordance with the various cultures that the customers of the hospitality sector come from
  • Sensitive topics must be included in training sessions. These topics must be related to handling an emergency, responsible alcohol service, compliance for food and safety and many more. Al these topics require proper training for soft skills
  • It provides training to employees to enhance their working and improve their service.
  • Employees can take e-learning at their individual speed.
  • E-learning solutions provided by VideosNinja helps the companies to save time, money and resources as compared to traditional classroom training.
  • E-learning helps in providing IT skills to the employees.
  • E-learning materials can be used anywhere, anytime with the help of latest and modern technology.

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