eLearning for Pharma and Medical Devices Industry

As pharmaceuticals and medicinal industries are growing up with high pace due to increase in population. They spend a huge amount of advanced medicines. This has resulted in competition in the world of science to make better efforts to make the lives of human better. This also requires training of employees in these industries. Hence eLearning for Pharma and Medical Devices Industry proves better than traditional training in many ways.

Limitations of Traditional Training in Pharma & Medical Domain

Rapid changes in products:
Traditional classrooms are not able to update themselves with a large number of medical devices and drugs that are introducing in the market at large scale.
Shortage of qualified trainers
Traditional training faces the problem of physical trainers which remain short every time. Training in pharma and medical device industry demands highly qualified trainers which are harder to find.
High costs of training
This industry also requires internal training as well as they need to train doctors, physicians, technicians and nurses which incurred high cost.
Tracking compliance
This industry requires high ethical standards to maintain hence they have to keep a track of related employees, partners, and distributors to complete their compliance training.
Need for readily available information
This industry requires readily available information stored with descriptions and usages of medical products hence training must be acted on time with the help of well-documented information.

How can VideosNinja help the Healthcare Industry?

Through reduced classroom training duration
VideoNinja provides eLearning courses in the healthcare industry in a reduced period of 3 weeks to 1.5 weeks for sales reps' training and remaining is available online on https://www.videosninja.com/elearning-solutionsold/.
Through the courses used by industry sales reps
VideoNinja provides a course which industry sales reps use on a regular basis. These are designed in such a way that it provides benefits to doctors, physicians, technicians and nurses in articulating the use cases.
With the courses used by doctors and technicians
Medical courses provided by VideosNinja explain the product usage and benefits in the detailed form to doctors and nurses etc.
Through the animated videos to explain complex issues
These animated courses help to break the complex process into simpler ones with the help of bite-sized animations.

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