eLearning Solutions for the Retail Industry

The retail industry is growing very fast and is expected to grow by 3.5 % in the coming years. This will also include immense competition due to the popularity of online shopping. But the majority of people still go for retail stores to purchase goods and services. This is because they receive good staff-customer interaction, availability of quality goods, in-store experience and exceptional services. All these functions can be improved with the help of training and focusing on blended learning approach that includes online learning, in-store learning and on the job training.

How does Traditional Training fail in the Retail Industry?

High attrition rates:
There is the highest attrition of employees in case of the retail industry than other industries. Employee training consumes lots of time efforts and is very expensive if conducted via traditional approaches.
Continuous change in products and services
use of traditional media to keep records of products and services, their features, uses etc. is inefficient as they undergo regular updates and changes. It also consumes a lot of time and retail very low information.
Employees hired on an hourly basis
Most retail companies pay their staff on an hourly basis. Traditional training for such type of staff is not a good option especially during rush hours or working hours.
Understanding the importance of in-store experience
Customers usually visit those stores where they get good in-store experience. Training on maintaining a constant in-store experience cannot be provided by traditional approaches alone.

How has VideosNinja turne dteh table for the Retail People?

Simulation-based training
VideoNinja provides simulation-based training which helps the employees to learn customer interactions and learn ways to increase the customers' in-store experience.
Enhanced sales training
VideosNinja provides challenging sales courses that sharpen the retail team's sales quotient and assessments to test the skills of the employees.
Saved costs and increased impact on repeated onboarding
VideosNinja provides such retail training courses that deliver maximum impact with the help of repeated training to employees and assessments to test their retention.
Access to timely information
VideoNinja provides eLearning solutions for the retail industry in a user-friendly way and makes the learners aware of the uses and benefits of all the products and services and further help them to match products with customers’ needs.

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