Gamification is the New Revolution!

We all would agree that games are delightful. Imagine putting them into education and learning. How great would that be? At VideosNinja, we create outstanding game based e-learning solutions to make it fun and learning-oriented for students. We take inspiration from the various addictive games that are based on Joysticks, Game boys, Mobile Phones, Play Stations, and so on.

With the help of a creative and fantasy element, we will engage you to keep on playing, which is quite different from the traditional form of reading textbooks. Students often feel sleepy while reading course books, but when it comes in a game format, they are interested and have heightened senses. We use this element to promote learning, which works wonders in case of practical and visual learners.

Some of the Demerits of Traditional Training are

At VideosNinja, you will be able to avail several kinds of benefits through gamification of eLearning courses. They include –

  • Users find the games fascinating and attractive, which keeps them consumed in education.
  • Gaming has been proven scientifically to aid the development of the human mind.
  • Game-Based Learning can positively affect the psychomotor and cognitive skills of learners.

Keeping these benefits in mind, our developers come up with out-of-the-box ideas that could help learners grasp concepts in a fun and entertaining way. Our courses at VideosNinja are of high-quality, which also comes at a reasonable price range. Take a leap of faith, and we will keep you satisfied.

If you are looking for the best game based learning companies, VideosNinja is one of them. Our developers are highly skilled in making games, and they also have a personal interest in gaming. Because of this reason, gaming is a lot more than a job for us. After developing the game, our Quality Assurance team will work diligently to hunt for bugs in the game and get rid of them as soon as possible. Unlike the other organisations, we take a very different approach in game testing. After the QA team gives a clearance, we test the game on the target learners in order to understand its efficiency. We are continually trying to take different perspectives for enhancing our skills and abilities in delivering what our audience needs desperately.

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"VideosNinja was very adaptive to all the change requests and delivered good quality videos for E-learning."
"VideosNinja has contributed to 3Di and its growth by creating training videos based on our innovative curriculum. We found the response time and communication to be excellent. The team was talented and quickly adapted to the ever-changing demands of our software."
"Team with talented people. I have awarded them multiple projects and they have executed them very professionally."