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Mobile learning is also a part of e-learning. It includes learning different things from mobile devices such as notebooks, mobile phones; tablets etc. Mobile e-learning solutions help you by providing a portable and enhanced way of learning. There are many benefits to using mobile e-learning. These are:

  • Mobile devices are easier to carry as compared to heavy notebooks and PCs.
  • It allows many learners to use them because usually, all learners have mobile phones but not personal computers.
  • It reduces the cost of earning.

Some of the Demerits of Traditional Training are

Instructor-led online training (ILT) is the name for a conventional form of training that takes place in a training room, like classroom, conference room, or office. The training involved one or more instructors who will use different tools like discussions, presentations, demonstrations, and lectures to help make learning better and effective. Because of blending technology and the human element, it has become one of the most preferred forms of imparting knowledge.

We offer a plethora of ILT solutions to our clients to ensure a better learning environment for students. It includes various resources and support materials aiming to make it a blended learning solution for all. With VideosNinja, you will get the best instructor-led eLearning services at a very affordable price range.

Our team at VideosNinja will put an immense amount of effort into making the instructor-led e-learning as enriching and productive as possible. With our structured approach to extensive analysis of the training needs, we come up with suitable learning plans. Our services give equal attention to the needs of the learners and the creation of the learning materials. Because of this reason, we offer User Manuals, Participant and Instructor Guides, Presentations, Audio, Video, and several other multimedia contents.

VideosNinja has a top-notch team that is qualified and experienced in dealing with the needs of the students from today’s generation. With us by your side, you will get the best services at a reasonable price range. The learning experience we provide, including the delivery and content, are designed very meticulously to leave no stones unturned. Trust in our ability to serve, and we will not disappoint you.

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"VideosNinja was very adaptive to all the change requests and delivered good quality videos for E-learning."
"VideosNinja has contributed to 3Di and its growth by creating training videos based on our innovative curriculum. We found the response time and communication to be excellent. The team was talented and quickly adapted to the ever-changing demands of our software."
"Team with talented people. I have awarded them multiple projects and they have executed them very professionally."