Workplace Safety and Compliance Training

Organizations and industries need to train their employees for compliance and safety standards at their respective workplaces. The training may be annual or biannual. In many instances, it is a continuous and ongoing process.

But with the changing dynamics, traditional methods of training are turning out to cost-intensive and time-consuming. The best way to substitute the traditional method is to go for a new approach, eLearning for Workplace Safety and Compliance Training.

VideosNinja Solutions is an innovative way to revolutionize e-learning and training programs for the employees. We provide customized programs after understanding the guidelines of the organizations.

Simulation-Based Training
Simulation-based courses aid in visual training that help employees who work in high-risk workplaces. This helps in understanding the safety measures in industries.
Every organization, every employee can access the training programs, irrespective of where the offices are located. The cost of the program is also less compared to the cost of traditional training programs.
Unique and Innovative Approach
Game-based learning programs are fun and enjoyable for employees. Unlike the traditional versions which are same for everyone and are perceived as boring, the Workplace Safety Courses Online ensure that a customized approach is possible and employees will be willing to complete all their training programs.
Courses Optimized for Mobiles
Employees working even the remote corners of the world can take part in the training programs. There is no need for computers or workstations either. Our eLearning courses are optimized for mobile phones. The sessions will be delivered to the employee’s mobile phone.
No Need for Manual Tracking
Organizations do not have to manually keep track of the employees who are attending the training and those who are avoiding the programs for various reasons. The eLearning system has a record of employees who login and complete their courses. The management can get the information from the database and take the required action.

Workplace safety and compliance training can and should never take a backseat. With our training programs, organizations do not have to worry about it anymore.

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"VideosNinja was very adaptive to all the change requests and delivered good quality videos for E-learning."
"VideosNinja has contributed to 3Di and its growth by creating training videos based on our innovative curriculum. We found the response time and communication to be excellent. The team was talented and quickly adapted to the ever-changing demands of our software."
"Team with talented people. I have awarded them multiple projects and they have executed them very professionally."