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VideosNinja provides the best live action & animation videos  

We all must have heard that Video advertising is the new king. Live Action & Animation videos can make your brand grow exponentially, by engaging more targeted audiences with the brand and its animated video. Read this blog to know more about some of the top animated short advertising videos and advertising trends and what you need to know before using this medium of advertisement for your brand.

What are Live Action & Animation Videos?

Live Animation & animation videos are videos that have some messages about a brand or its services. These videos are made to bring engagement to the brand’s services or to bring traffic to their websites. Action Video Animation is one of the most popular ways to reach online audiences. Various studies show that it is a trend that will gain more popularity in coming times and companies and brands are more leaning towards Video Mixing Editing Service to reach overall effectiveness with campaigns and videos. Although marketing with videos is gaining popularity, the results of an Irish study indicated 60% of respondents felt there was too much advertising associated with on-demand video platforms. Also, 35% said they got frustrated with those ads because they prevented them from watching their desired content.

Stats like those indicate marketers must be exceptionally careful to create Live Action & Animation Videos ads the audience perceives as genuinely valuable and relevant. The placement of a video ad also matters since the goal is to make any advertising content minimally disruptive. If an ad appears where there’s a natural break in the programming, such as before a presenter discusses a new topic, viewers may be more willing to tune in. More and more marketers are using advanced solutions like Outbrain Smartads Scroll-to-Watch and Click-to-Watch video ads, in which the viewer actively opts in to watch, and regains control over the online experience they want to have. This directly contrasts with the intrusive and annoying nature of pre-roll video and brings much better completion rates. Check out this case study to see how it works.

Why You Should Include Video Action Video Animation. 

Making video part of your strategy allows you to engage with audiences that ignore text and banner ads. As mentioned above, marketers are increasing the money they spend on video ads. If you overlook this trend, you’ll face a competitive disadvantage. Getting someone to click on a static display ad means impressing them enough with a single appealing image or headline. Video advertising and Live Action & animation videos, on the other hand, includes more elements users may find relevant or engaging. You could use a catchy song, a funny opening line or a relatable situation to get viewers hooked and urge them to watch the entire action video animation ad.

Also, advertising with product explainer videos gives you more flexibility to position your product or service as addressing users’ pain points, offering something exciting or helping them live more fulfilling lives. Since many video ads start playing automatically within the primary content, you don’t need to merely hope people will click on the content. They get exposed to it during a process that occurs within an activity they choose, such as watching a YouTube star’s latest episode or playing a mobile game. Then, provided your ad resonates with them, you’ll be able to keep them interested enough to make more conversions while making the best action video animation. 

If the video advertising trends listed above have compelled you to act, proceed with care. Choose your top KPIs, then work with an experienced company to make ads that delight viewers. Or, you may want to consider creating videos yourself. These days, you don’t need to be a video producer or spend a lot of money to create effective videos. Here is a selection of video creation tools that may help you. You should also consider the types of video ads available, and decide which is the best type for your message, distribution platform, and audience.

Are you ready to jump in and start reaping the rewards of Live Action & Animation videos advertising? Go for it!