Mobile Apps Demo Explainer Videos

A Mobile App demo video is a perfect way to educate people about your application before they decide to decide to download your app or buy the product related to the application.

These videos are the best way to increase the product’s sale or download rate of an application. On the other hand, it is an engaging way to inform your potential users about the USP of your application.

These videos are easily sharable and they have the ability to get viral quickly. Not to forget, an effective call to action just acts like cherry on the top. Get in touch with Videos Ninja for high quality Mobile App Demo Videos.

    Get Unlimited Downloads Through Mobile App Explainer Videos

    There has been a sudden boom in the number of apps that are available for mobile phones. Some of these apps having less features are simple to use, but some of them have multiple features and different categories that provide a vast range of services to the users. To help the users get all the details of features, their purpose, and help them to use all these, Mobile App Explainer Videos are created so that users can refer and know all the features.

    Why Mobile App Explainer Videos?

    Explainer Video Services are very beneficial for clients who develop mobile apps as it helps the end-users of the app to decide whether the app is useful for them or not by looking into the self-explanatory videos having the features, service details of the app. At Video Ninja, we provide Explainer Video Services for apps to various clients who develop different kinds of entertainment, gaming, and service-based mobile apps.

    Mobile App Explainer Videos are extensively used to cover all the major components of the app. Based on the client, we develop a single video that explains major components in a nutshell, or a series of videos related to the app. By using these Explainer Video Services, the user feels very convenient to use the mobile app and easily gets accustomed to all the features and services provided by it. These Mobile App Explainer Videos can also be used by the client on the app stores or social networking sites to promote their app.

    Benefits of Explainer Video Service

    Explainer Video Services is a good way to reach the users on social media platforms as this is the best way to reach the mass via a single post on your social page. In this way, it becomes quite easy to lure them to use the app by explaining the features via videos, rather than writing long posts and explaining as users may get bored reading it. There can be multiple posts also on social media sites where step-by-step videos are posted. This will help the users to understand the app easily, what is the purpose, and how the app can be helpful to make life easier.

    Why Videos Ninja for Explainer Video Services?

    The kind of Explainer Video Services we develop are of different types and are created as per client preferences. Mobile App Explainer Videos explain the features, how to use the app, sign up benefits, how to benefit from the app services, payment processes, help and guidance if required, and many other categories depending on the kind of app and features present.

    The Mobile App Explainer Videos can be animated or can be created using the screen recording to show the live demo of how the app performs and what all information is required during sign up or how to purchase or take the service from the app. Each video has a Voice Over Recording that explains the process precisely. Also, background music is added to make a lively video.

    Our expert and creative team are capable of creating high-quality, short, and to-the-point Mobile App Explainer Videos that do not make the heaviest and fit perfectly in multiple size constraint social media sites. Each video is developed in 6 steps that are very essential for a perfect outcome. These steps include:

    1. Briefing: client informs about the target audience, what are the business goals.
    2. Script: a script is created with the required voice-over, music, etc.
    3. Storyboard: a rough sketch is created to depict how the video will look like.
    4. Illustrations: based on the script we create an illustration of the required video.
    5. Voice over: voice-over, sound effects are added to the video.
    6. Animation: PPT animation online is required and added to the video to make it more interesting to watch.

    The videos help to increase the download rate of the app across all the platforms. It helps to take over the competitive apps Most of our valuable clients prefer introduction videos of 60 seconds and guided explanation videos of less than 3 minutes.

    We provide the best Explainer Video Services in its class. Various services offered by us are 2D character animation videos, 3D character animation, animated resume videos, live-action, and animation, animated logo videos, product demo explainer videos, video scripting, and eLearning services. Our list of long-term and happy clients include, 99acres, Jeevansathi, Olx, Google, Amazon, Audi, American Express, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Connect us soon!

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